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Do you sort your Skittles, too?

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Skittles Statistics

(photo from bortwein)

We all know there’s no right way to eat a Reese’s cup, but is this a universal truth with all candy? Apparently, the adage applies to Skittles, too. When he’s not designing super cool t-shirts, graphic designer Brandon Bortwein compiles Skittle statistics from every 2oz bag of Skittles he’s eaten in the past year.

This makes me wonder how many other people out there sort their skittles by color. I don’t sort, per se, but I definitely do play “favorites” with my Skittles. I eat the ones I least like first and save the best for last: strawberry. Do you sort your Skittles?

Easter Candy Games: The Chocolate Bunny Test

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Chocolate Bunny Test

Easter is almost upon us and that leads many to ask the timeless question: How do you eat your Chocolate Bunny? The folks over at don’t try and answer the question, but instead offer some humorous insight into your personality based on your preferred starting point for bunny munching. The results are so fun to read I found myself playing it over and over again to see what else the test had to say. It’s worth checking out if you have a couple of minutes to kill.

So how about you? What part of the Chocolate Bunny do you eat first?

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