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Candy Review: CaffeMallows

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mocca mallow

I have said before that I’m a huge fan of coffee. I recently received some CaffeMallows for review… they are a mashup of gourmet marshmallows and a cup of coffee. The packaging boasts that they are a “pop-in power coffee shot.” Caffeine and marshmallows? What could possibly go wrong?

I sampled each of three flavors, Mocca Mallows, Java Mallows, and Coffee Mallows:

Mocca Mallows:

Packaging: Cello bag with label. Has a Stickybits barcode which you can use with the Stickybits App.
Looks like: A 2″ brownie square
Smells like: Rich, sweet coffee-cocoa smell
Feels like: Squishy, springy when I pinch it
Boasts: A Real Espresso & Cocoa Blast

But how does it taste?

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Candy Review: Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints, Chocolate Rocks, and Coffee Rocks

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Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints

As if candy wasn’t enough to jolt you back into the moment, we have plenty of super-charged, hulked-up versions of candy these days. One of these candy-on-steroids is Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints. They are “intensely caffeinated” mints and are sure to clear away the fog that rolls in post-lunch. Five of these bad boys have 100mg of caffeine and are equivalent to a cup of coffee. Grab a tin of these super-minty mints and you’ll be jacked up in no time – and as an added bonus you’ll have squeaky-clean breath. You’ll have to get past their not so awesome taste, though, as they taste like minty cough syrup. I’m definitely not a huge fan of the weird aftertaste that is pretty common in hyper-caffeinated products and quite noticeable in these mints.

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Candy Review: Javaz and GoGoBeans

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Candy with Caffeine,Energy Candy


I am fussy about what flavors get mixed with my chocolate. Chocolate is pretty much perfect just the way it is.

But coffee and chocolate are one of the perfect flavor combinations. And I was intrigued by the GoGo Beans concept. I don’t drink coffee regularly, but when I need it, I need it – and yet, I am picky about it. If I can’t get a properly made fancy coffee, I’m not one of those people who can settle for instant with non-dairy creamer (eeek!), so a chocolate-coffee candy with extra caffeine could be a useful thing.

But, it’s not a pill you just swallow – it still has to taste good. And when I got these samples, I was so disappointed, I had to get second and third opinions, just to be fair.

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Candy Review: Loud Truck Red Blast Energy Gummies

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Loud Truck Energy Gummies Bag

Image from Anthemic Tangle

When I learned that I was going to review Loud Truck’s Red Blast Energy Gummies, I was totally jazzed. Since I read Jamie’s review of the Citrus Blast flavor I’ve been itching to try the Red Blast, as I usually prefer berry to citrus.

The concept of this candy is a cool idea. Gummi bears that give the caffeine buzz of an energy soda without the crash an hour later? Awesome! And, as I’ve mentioned previously, I find biting the heads off gummi bears to be a lovely form of stress relief, so all in all, this seemed like a dream product.

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Candy Review: Buzz Bites Mint Chocolate Energy Chews

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Buzz Bites Mint Chocolate Energy Chews

After my not-so-good experience with Kickbrix energy chews, I was sent a sample of Buzz Bite Mint Chocolate Energy Chews.

Since I love everything chocolate, I was excited to try these because they contained not only chocolate, but also mint. Combine that with some good old caffeine, and I was ready to go.

I decided to try the Buzz Bite Mint Chocolate Energy Chews on a morning where I had not gotten much sleep the night before. Since buying a Nintendo DS, I haven’t gotten much sleep on the days I have to get up for work. On the morning in question, I crawled out of bed, showered, brushed my teeth and got dressed. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I noticed the nice green tin can that contained the energy chews.

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