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Free Butterfinger Tshirt offer

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Butterfinger Tshirt Offer

Hey, want a free Butterfinger t-shirt (and who wouldn’t)? I just saw over at HeyItsFree that you can signup to get a Butterfinger Activation Kit that includes a Butterfinger T-shirt and some miscellaneous other Butterfinger paraphernalia. I’m not saying to lie on the forms, but if at first you don’t succeed … try, try again. I was “accepted” on my second try.

UPDATE: I received my pack on 10/11/06 and it does include a free t-shirt!

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Candy Review: Nestle Butterfinger Stixx

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Butterfinger Stixx

Brian’s review of Nestle Crunch Stixx not only inspired me to try them, but also lit a fire under me to find the Butterfinger version. I paid 88 cents at Wal-Mart and got two individually wrapped Butterfinger Stixx in a box for a total of 1.21 oz of candy.

The Stixx have a modest 85 calories each, although on their website Nestle lists them as having 90, probably because the product is slightly different in the 6-count box. The Stixx taste lighter than a candy bar, but not as light as the Crunch Stixx.

The crisp pirouline is covered in milk chocolate mixed with bits of Butterfinger, and it’s stuffed with that signature bright orange Butterfinger goodness. Caution to the wind, I could’ve eaten ten or twelve Stixx … so it’s a good thing I only had two. These are definitely worth their higher-than-candy-bar price.

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