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Halloween Candy Review: Gummy Brains

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Gummy Brains

When I went to the Swedish Fish Party a few weeks back, I salvaged the evening by buying a few varieties of Halloween candy I hadn’t tried before. Unfortunately, it was so overpriced I didn’t buy very much, and what I did buy got devoured on the subway on the way home. So, I didn’t get a chance to review any of it. Last week, we were ordering stuff from Oriental Trading for Halloween gift bags when I saw the very gummy brains I had bought at Dylan’s Candy Bar and decided this was my chance to give them a proper review!

The brains are multicolored with blues, oranges, whites and pinks on peach backgrounds. They’re not quite globular, but instead are somewhat squashed. The brainy ridges are the only thing that make these actually resemble brains; luckily, their flavor redeems them.

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