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Candy Review: Bosco Milk Chocolate Bars

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 bosco chocolate bar

According to the wrappers decorating the new Bosco milk chocolate bars, Bosco is “America’s most beloved chocolate syrup brand” and they’ve been making “memories since 1928”. Well, I was not around in 1928, so in order to review this chocolate properly, I decided to enlist the help of someone who was: my mother. Just kidding, she’s not that old, but she still came in pretty handy for this review. My mom grew up near Chicago and, indeed, remembered Bosco Chocolate Syrup. She said that she preferred to use it when making chocolate milk because, unlike traditional Hershey’s chocolate syrup, it was made with malt, and apparently malt makes the difference. I wondered if my Mom would enjoy the chocolate bar as much as the chocolate syrup she loved as a child, so I took my box-o’-chocolate home with me over spring break, and we got to eating.

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