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Candy Review: Not Just Cereal

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Not Just Cereal logo

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but not everything needs to be covered in chocolate. Not Just Cereal is a fine example. Chocolate coated cereal sounds like a great idea, but it’s overkill. One of my roommates liked the cereals, but roommate two and I were not fans. I think it must just be up to individual tastes. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, just nothing special. My roommates and I did find ourselves munching on it when nothing else was available, though, so that might count for something. I suppose it’s alright, but it would be an unlikely purchase for me to make at a store.

Not Just Cereal Fruity OThe first one we tried was Fruity O’s. Think Fruit Loops covered in chocolate. I was apprehensive about this one especially because it just sounded like a gross combination. It wasn’t half bad and I liked it a bit better than the others. I guess my biggest complaint is the chocolate isn’t the best. It’s similar to the chocolate on Whoppers, but not as good.

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Candy Review: Sucre’s Chocolate BonBons

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Sucre Chocolate Bonbon Box

Sucre is the kind of shop that I wish I had nearby. It’s a cute shop located in New Orleans that specializes in sweets, mostly of the chocolate variety. Sucre makes a large variety of bonbons, each one looking more tantalizing than the next. They kindly sent me a small sampling, and after opening the box, I didn’t know if I should eat them or just admire them: they’re so pretty!

Sucre’s bonbons are also tiny, so much so that I was reminded of toys and after taking my photos of them, I had an urge to play with them. That would have been a bad idea for several reasons, with the more obvious being that these are carefully crafted and are quite delicate. I had chipped one of the painted decorative tiles in just moving a bonbon from the box. Tucking my playful urges aside, I read the included flavor pamphlet and tried to identify my assortment. I had nine bonbons to decipher from a list of twenty four different types. On with the tasting!

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