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The Dallas Mavericks “Bling” Pops

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The Dallas Mavericks NBA Championship Ring Pop

We’ve all seen Ring Pops: those sweet lollipops made into the shape of huge faceted gemstones that we slip on our fingers in order to eat them. Well, now I’ve seen it all. Check out the “Bling” pops that Bazooka, the maker of Ring Pops, is sending to the Dallas Mavericks. These are Swarovski crystal encrusted Ring Pops in the Mavericks signature colors.

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Bazooka Gum Reloaded

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New Bazooka Gum

Bazooka Gum, the classic American gum we all know and love, is changing. Out goes the hard, square gum and in comes a twist-wrapped, rounder gum billed as softer and longer-lasting than the original and it will allow bigger bubbles. The 5 cent price tag will still be the same as it was in 1947 though. A comic will still come with the gum, but it’s on the wrapper instead of folded inside.

Debuting in stores across the country beginning this spring, the all-new Bazooka Bubble Gum line includes:

  • Bazooka Bubble Gum Twist Wrap Pieces: individually twist-wrapped Bazooka Bubble Gum in the new softer chew, longer-lasting flavor formulation, available in 300 count tubs, 120 piece boxes, 70 and 150 piece lay down bags, 3 lb. “Big Mix” bag and Sugarless Bazooka “Party Box.” Two all-new taste-sensations make their debut in ’06 as well: Cotton Candy & Watermelon!
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum Gumballs: featuring five kid-favored flavors including Original, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Grape
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum Filled Pops: choose from four fruit-flavored lollipops—Orange, Cherry, Grape or Green Apple—filled with a Bazooka Bubble Gum center
  • New Collectible Bazooka Premiums: now kids can “Get All-New Cool Stuff” when they redeem their collected comics. New items include fun spy gear like recording pens and binoculars, Bazooka t-shirts, watches, gumball machines and baseball caps.

The retooling of the brand coincides with the All Candy Expo which starts on June 6. Bazooka Joe himself is also morphing from a classic cartoon icon into a backwards-hat-wearing leader of a multi-ethnic gang. His new posse now includes characters such as DJ Chang (a DJ), Kevin Griffin (an awkward guy AKA Nerd), and Wolfgang Spreckels (a German exchange student). I guess the old Bazooka Joe and his gang just weren’t hip enough for today’s kids.

Bazooka Gum Origami

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Bazooka Shirt
Bazooka Pants

A few months back I stumbled upon this site that showed how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt. I tried it and it worked though it was a bit tricky (and made a really cute shirt). Now, here is a simlar tutorial on how to create a shirt and pants with the comic in Bazooka Gum. I can’t remember the last time I had a Bazooka Gum. I think I have seen them in the 5 cent bins at the gas station conevnience stores. I think. I’ll have to check next time I am there.

Speaking of Bazooka Gum, here is the page that I got the origami link from – it has tons of other links to interesting Bazooka Gum info/trivia.

Bazooka Gum Origami [via InformationNation]
Dollar Bill shirt