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Candy Review: Baby Ruth Crisp

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Baby Ruth Crisp

Candy Addicts everywhere praised Nestle when it released its Nestle Crunch Crisp and Butterfinger Crisp, wafer spin-offs of the classic confections. It seemed only a matter of time until the gurus at Nestle decided to take their next most popular candy bar and give it a “Crisp” makeover.

That’s right. Baby Ruth. The All Candy Expo did not disappoint when I ambled by the Nestle booth and spotted this not-yet-released candy that is supposed to debut this year.

There weren’t any full-sized bars to sample, and I was only allowed to grab one snack-sized piece; luckily, the Expo is three days, and I was able to procure three of those small treats and report on them.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Baby Ruth

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Baby Ruth

Butterfinger and Crunch are the stars of Nestle’s confectionery lineup. They get more advertisements on TV and have each undergone various spin-offs over the years. Whenever I hear those candy brands, I think of a grouping of candy rather than an individual piece of candy. Their ubiquitous nature has rendered them undefined and associative.

In contrast, there is a Nestle product, easily my favorite Nestle product, which exists as the unacknowledged sibling to these candy bars. I am talking about the one and only Baby Ruth.

There isn’t a crisp variation, theater-sized box, or even dark chocolate counterpart to this classic. In fact, it hasn’t ever been redone (at least, not with any lingering spin-offs). You also don’t see commercials for this candy too often. But I believe I know why.

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Friday Fun: Baby Ruth Bowling

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Baby Ruth Bowling

Another Friday, another Friday Fun….today’s game is Baby Ruth Real Deal Bowling. It’s bowling with some twists. First, the pins are on the left and you bowl from the right. Weird. Also, the lanes change every two frames. You go from traditional lanes, to an alley, a rooftop, an office, and then on to some nice lanes. On the wacky “lanes” there are obstacles like black cats and filing cabinets in your way that you have to bowl around.

The controls are a little tricky too – when you pick up the ball, there are arrows that appear on the side of it to indicate how much spin you want to put on it. It takes a few minutes to get the hang of the controls. My first two games I bowled a 103 then a 106. Give it a try and let us know your high score (and how many games it took you to get that score).

Update: It appears the game is no longer available. Such is the temporary nature of the internet!

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Baby Ruth Candy Bar Name Origins

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Retro Baby Ruth

Ask someone where the name for the Baby Ruth candy bar came from and most people will say it was named after Babe Ruth, the famous baseball player. I found in an online candy trivia quiz (which I don’t have the URL for, sorry), and in other places, that it was actually named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth.

I just found out though, that more than likely it was named for Babe Ruth.

Conventional wisdom holds that the candy bar was named not after Babe Ruth but Ruth Cleveland, the infant daughter of President Grover Cleveland. The problem with that story is that the candy bar was first introduced in 1921 when Babe Ruth was at the height of his popularity. Ruth Cleveland had been dead 17 years.
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Here is another page that debunks the Curtiss Candy Company’s claim that it was named after Baby Ruth Cleveland. It’s interesting reading and provides some good arguments.

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