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Candy Review: Landrin Waferatto USA

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Landrin Logo

Before attending the All Candy Expo, all the registered press people were sent dozens and dozens of press releases from various companies advertising their products and inviting us to drop by their booths. That is where I first heard about Landrin Waferatto USA.

The company’s roots date back to the nineteenth century when Georg Landrin began preparing confections for the Imperial Court of Russia. The reputation of his delicacies spread throughout the country and Europe, earning his products notoriety for their quality ingredients and taste.

Landrin USA was recently founded with the intent to market a line of truffles with designs and packaging inspired by couture fashion and art – i.e., appealing to women. I remember checking out some of the photos from their press release to discover all their boxes adorned with orchids, chiffon prints, the elegance of a perfume box, and they somehow unfolded into vases when you opened them.

Elaborate much? Maybe. But the principal and design is aesthetically sound, which is why it’s a current silver finalist for two of the 2009 Sofi Awards (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation). But part of me didn’t want to like these. They were too pretty. They were too girly.

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Candy Review: Reese’s, Special Dark, Almond Joy and York Pieces

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Hershey's Pieces

To me, one of the most exciting announcements at this year’s All Candy Expo was the addition of three new additions to the Pieces lineup. Never knew there was a Pieces lineup? Well, there is now, with Hershey’s Special Dark, Almond Joy and York Pieces joining the familiar Reese’s. But are these new additions worthy successors to the mantle of everyone’s favorite candy-coated peanut butter treat? (The Hershey’s folks threw in a sample pack of Reese’s Pieces too, so I’m doing a bonus review of those as well.)

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Candy Review: Woodhouse Butterfly Bars

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Woodhouse Butterfly Bar

It’s not often that a candy makes me turn to Google for a definition, but that’s what happened when I got these Woodhouse butterfly bars as a gift.

I got two flavors: lemon pink peppercorn, which I could handle, and “Raz el Hanout.” I am pretty sophisticated about world cuisine, but this was unfamiliar to me.

It turns out that this bar is not, say, named after a famous Middle Eastern pop singer, which was my first guess. Raz (or ras) el Hanout is a spice blend used across the Middle East.

Despite years of eating various sorts of Middle Eastern food, I had never run across this flavor, so I had no preconception about how it would go with chocolate. My prejudice lay instead in my previous experience with Woodhouse Chocolates – I decided in the end that they were more pretty than they were my favorite taste experience. Would these be the same?

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Candy Review: See’s Awesome Nut & Chew Bar

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Awesome Nut & Chew

I am a native So Cal boy. As such, See’s Candy was a staple of my youth, along with In-N-Out and Thrifty’s Ice Cream. And it’s true what they say: You never know how much you care about something until it’s gone! Well, after moving to Austin, I now know.

I recently got into graduate school and needed to fly to Los Angeles to tie up some loose ends. Yes, picking up my diploma (finally) and seeing the family were all very important things on my to-do list, but there was one that was above all the rest.

I remembered the Awesome Nut & Chew Bar from Steve Almond’s latest additions to his Candyfreak candy list. He was in love. How could I not plan a trip to California just to try one?

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Retro Candy Flashback: Heath Bar

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Heath Bar Bag

The Heath bar is not one of Hershey’s more talked about products, but it certainly is known throughout the world. Without thinking twice, people recognize it as “that toffee in chocolate bar.” That simple description is pretty accurate. Yes, the Heath Bar is a piece of English toffee, made of almonds, sugar and butter, coated in milk chocolate.

The bar debuted back in 1928 as the lead product for Heath Brothers Confection. Like many retro candies that amassed a following from that time, the Heath Bar sprang onto the national scene during the Great Depression, when candy was consumed in large amounts due to its abundance and reduced cost.

Sales for the product took off during WWII, after the army became one of the leading purchasers because the bar had an amazing resiliency and could be carried to the battlefield. After the war, soldiers helped spread the news of the candy. It wasn’t long after that this candy became entrenched in the confection world by becoming a leading ingredient in everything from cookies to ice cream.

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