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Candy Review: Reese’s, Special Dark, Almond Joy and York Pieces

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Hershey's Pieces

To me, one of the most exciting announcements at this year’s All Candy Expo was the addition of three new additions to the Pieces lineup. Never knew there was a Pieces lineup? Well, there is now, with Hershey’s Special Dark, Almond Joy and York Pieces joining the familiar Reese’s. But are these new additions worthy successors to the mantle of everyone’s favorite candy-coated peanut butter treat? (The Hershey’s folks threw in a sample pack of Reese’s Pieces too, so I’m doing a bonus review of those as well.)

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Easter Candy Review: Mounds Egg and Almond Joy Egg

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Almond Joy Egg

When I bought the Almond Joy Egg and Mounds Egg on sale at Walgreens, I was not only excited to pay only fifty cents apiece, but I was thrilled to find classic candy turned into an Easter treat. I held high expectations for both, since I’m a sucker for the heavily sweetened coconut that fills both Mounds and Almond Joy. Almond Joy is my favorite of the two, and I generally shy away from buying the bars because I usually want to eat them until I feel sick. Needless to say, I hurried through dinner, ready to taste coconutty goodness in holiday form.

I chose the Almond Joy Egg first. When I unwrapped it, I was disappointed to see that there was clearly only one almond in the egg, while two are pictured on the package. I also thought it was rather odd that the 1.1oz egg was really shaped like half an egg, or an egg with a flat side. Nevertheless, I bit into the Almond Joy with optimism that it would be great candy.

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