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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Nico

Nico is a native Californian who lives wherever true love is found. He’s passionate about learning in every form, and lucky enough to be paid doing it. He has a doctorate in philosophy, so direct all questions about the meaning of life and sugar his way.

Deep dark chocolate can always be found somewhere in his house, car, or office, but his candy love takes many forms. Once he found smashed Junior Mints in an ancient coat pocket while slumping in a theater watching 8½ in Austin, Texas. He ate every single one. (And yes, there were eight and a half of them; and yes, they were strangely delicious.)

He’s known for being inquisitive, skeptical, and childlike. Not childish. Childlike. For example, he can’t always keep his shoes tied very well. And he asks a lot of questions that begin with ‘why’. His greatest love is a wonderful woman, music, and sweets after dark.