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Caitlin is a non-native New Yorker living and working in the borough of Brooklyn. She works as a nanny for two little boys and a little girl (way to use that college education!), and when she isn’t trolling the internet for good candy buys she’s trolling the internet for potential dates. Guess which one works out more often?

Good, sweet licorice is her personal passion, but anything gummy, soft, or sweet will rarely be turned down. Her sweet tooth was born and nurtured in Seattle, WA, before being transplanted to Charlottesville, VA, where she grew up (or failed to, as some may claim).

She’s known for always having some form of candy on her person, to guard against any unexpected extended periods of sugar withdrawal. Her future goals include figuring out some way to make lots of money with little effort, having a few kids of her own, and curing the world of everything bad. Until then, she’s happy to curl up with some good, soft licorice and watch Buffy reruns until her brain hurts.