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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Cadence

Ever get one of those emails where you put in the names of a) the street where grew up, b) your first pet, and c) your favorite color in order to get your hooker name? Well, they need to make up one of those to figure out what your Candy Addict name would be.

For example, my Candy Addict name is Sour Chocolate Nerd.

Chocolate: because this, along with coffee, is a food group in my universe.

Nerd: because I use the word “frak” in regular conversation, and because I think goofy, wacky fruitiness is a good thing – in candy and life.

Sour: my disposition when I don’t get my daily Candy Addict fix, and because I like to pucker.

I would’ve added Licorice on there, but I figure that would be too close to the hooker name, what with that last puckering comment.

When not indulging my licorice/chocolate/sour/Nerds predilections, I’m also a freelance writer and editor.