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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Amy

Hi! My name is Amy, and though I’m a writer and editor, I’m a first time candy reviewer. I have to admit, I didn’t realize they reviewed candy, but if they can review pig’s knuckles from Sweden on the Travel Channel — well, I’d much rather read about candy.

One of my favorite memories as a child was trekking to the local drugstore with my sister to purchase as much candy as my allowance would buy. Today, though somehow I manage to resist raiding the candy aisles in stores (mostly), I still can’t say no to a box of candy at the movies — specifically Sour Patch Kids (I know it would cost less to buy the candy beforehand, shh).

I look forward to exploring new and old candy alike and sharing my discoveries with you. And this opportunity couldn’t be any more perfect; as I’m a laid-off journalist exploring the (un)fun world of unemployment, I can’t think of a better reason or time to consume copious amounts of candy!