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Candy Addict Scavenger Hunt 2006

For details on the prizes – visit the main giveaway page

The object of the Candy Addict Scavenger Hunt is to collect letters. Each page of the hunt will have a question and a letter. Write down each letter because you will need them later. The question’s answer will take you to the next page in the hunt. The answer to the questions will always be one word and you should use the lowercase form. Use this word/answer to get to the next scavenger hunt page on Candy Addict. When you figure out the answer to a question, type your answer on the end of this: (the url of the page you are now reading)
and visit that page to get your letter and the next question.

So, as an example…the first page of the hunt might say:
What color are Atomic Fireballs? The answer is red so what would you do next?
You would go to
to get your first letter and the next question.

At the very end of the hunt, you will get instructions on where to send an email to enter. The first correct entry wins a small prize pack and the grand prize will be randomly drawn from all correct entries to the scavenger hunt.

NOTE: It is in your best interest not to give out the final answer. Less entries means a better chance for you to win. Also, we have been getting a lot of incorrect entries with letters wrong and/or in the wrong order. Be careful when you write them down. You may want to double-check and go back through the hunt one more time before you send the email to make sure you got all the letters and have them in the right order. (HINT: the answer has exactly 18 letters)

Ready to start? Go to the first page of the scavenger hunt.

Lawyerese: Contest open to residents of the U.S. only. Prizes are subject to change. Void where prohibited. Contest entrants must be 18 years old or older.