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Press Release: Katagazi


New Breed of Food Items Rolled out Nationwide in Sixteen Tasty Flavors


LEESBURG, VA – JUNE 6, 2006 – Freshworks, Inc, a leading independent food manufacturer, today unveiled Katagazi!, a new snack brand and product line. This line of tasty snacks follows a particular design and taste aesthetic targeted at in-the-know teens and young adults. The Katagazi! family will be unveiled at the 2006 All Candy Expo in Chicago this June.

“We see a great opportunity to bring some of the world food trends to the ‘videogame’ generation. The 14-28 year olds are much more savvy consumers and have shown many times over that they seek out new things more than the traditional snack buyer,” said David Eberwein, President and Founder of Freshworks. “We have drawn from many contemporary influences – videogames, music, Japanese anime and designer toys – in developing this product line.”

Katagazi! Snack foods come in more than sixteen flavors, from nuts to cookie sticks to breadsticks and pretzel twists. These include:

Cookie sticks: Inspired by Asian snack cookies, Katagazi! cookies with a variety of flavors inside and out. They are sold under the names of YUMWANDS, YUMWANDS CRUNCH, CHOCOPODS, FUNKY DUNK, SMOOVANILLA and BERRYLUV.

Crackers with toppings: Katagazi! snack pods come in a clear case designed 3”x 3” package and contain a hearty amount of crackers and enough topping to cover them. These snack pods are sold under the names: PIZZARELLA, JALAPOPPERS, ONINO, BARBACUDA AND BUFFALOCO.

Peanuts: Spicing up the Katagazi! line are the two offerings that have a ‘double crunch’ peanut coated with a crispy outer shell. This flavored outer shell gives the nuts a fantastic crunch unlike anything currently available in the North America. These products go by: THUNDERCRUNCH and THUNDERCRUNCH HEAT.

Bite sized breadsticks and pretzel twists with dip: The Katagazi! dips round out the product line. Each container includes a handful of breadsticks or braided pretzel twists and plenty of dip. Included in this line are four mouth-watering flavors, including: HOTSAHOTSA, RANCHDANDY, ONYUMS AND WINGDINGS.

The unique packaging and brand was developed by New York-based marketing firm Sandbox Strategies (, a company whose traditional focus is videogames and consumer entertainment. The branding was created by well-known designer toy creator Shawn Smith, who is best known for his plush “Shawnimals” line (

Katagazi! Snacks are launching with a nationwide promotional campaign beginning in late June in conjunction with an extensive publicity and marketing campaign.

Retailers interested in finding out more about the Katagazi! product line can contact David Eberwein at 703-669-5636 or

For more information, please visit .

About Freshworks

Based in Leesburg, VA, Freshworks was founded in 1997 by long time food industry executive David Eberwein. Eberwein has been producing refrigerated, frozen and shelf stable pizzas, entrées and snack foods for more than 20 years. Freshworks is best known for its branded Mike and Lou’s Pizza’s, which are available nationwide in supermarket chains including Safeway, Kroger, Costco and Harris Teeter. The company also private labels its products for food manufacturers throughout the country. Many of the Freshworks pizza recipes originated at Eberwein’s grandparents restaurant that they founded in 1939.