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Press Release: Bubble Chocolate


Bubble Chocolateâ„¢ Inc.
1 N. Main Street, Suite 3B, Medford, NJ 08055
PHONE: +1 856-753-0118

“Bubbles wrapped in chocolate”™ – “Just the right amount of chocolate”™!

Kicking off new taste excitement
With innovative Bubble Chocolateâ„¢

MEDFORD, NJ – Welcome to Bubble Chocolate, the newest chocolate sensation in the USA, offering “Just the right amount of chocolate” in three flavors – milk, dark, coffee – of “Bubbles wrapped in chocolate”. Take one bite for a first taste of this aerated chocolate bar, and then get a second special sensation as it melts on the tongue. Pure good taste, and fun, Bubble Chocolate will debut at the 2006 All Candy Expo, June 6-8, Chicago’s McCormick Place, Booth 352.

Three flavors to be launched at the show are: Bubblyâ„¢ 60% Dark Chocolate, Bubblyâ„¢ Milk Chocolate, and Bubblyâ„¢ Coffee Milk Chocolate bars. Bubbly 60% Dark goes with the trend in high percentage cacao solids, offering rich bites of snappy deep dark chocolate, with smooth after-flavor resonance. Bubbly Milk Chocolate is made with cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass and lecithin to give just the right Bubbly combination and soft milk flavor appealing to youngsters, adults alike. Bubbly Coffee Milk Chocolate, filled with coffee, and coffee flavor, perks with a sophisticated taste and aerated texture.

Bruce G. Smith, Senior Vice President, says, “This bar is different, it’s unlike anything else, and we believe Bubble Chocolate is a product people will have to try.” He and founder Frank Drab, President/CEO, have spent hundreds of hours in the developmental phase from trade-marking through manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Bubble Chocolate is now ready to launch. “We’re having a lot of fun with this,” says Bruce Smith. Adds Frank Drab, “We bring a fresh new look with a premium blend of chocolate and flavors that have not ever been marketed successfully in the USA.”

Want to have some fun, feel like you’re lighter than air? Visit Bubble Chocolate™ at Booth 352 at the All Candy Expo.

At 2.82-ounces (80 grams) per bar, each serving (3 per bar) contains “Just the right amount of chocolate.”™ Bubble Chocolate will be available to all classes of trade nationwide July of 2006, at an SRP of $1.99 – $2.49. Bars packaged 68/case; four (4) self packs of 17 bars each.

For more information please visit www.bubblechocolate.com

PREMIUM POSITIONING Frank Drab didn’t have any prior experience with chocolate when he opted to get into the confectionery business. The 49-year-old entrepreneur and driving force behind Bubble Chocolate Inc., a Pennsylvania-based distributor and importer of premium chocolates, is a mechanical engineer by trade who has been getting involved in a variety of businesses over the last couple of decades ranging from china and crystal sales to internet marketing.

Bubble Chocolate Inc. was formed in 2005 by Frank Drab, President/CEO, with Bruce Smith, Senior Vice President, who is a confectionary consultant and has been involved in the chocolate and confectionery business for more than 35 years, to bring an aerated chocolate bar to the United States.

They have since teamed with Desly International, Brooklyn NY, to import various flavors of aerated chocolate under the Bubble Chocolate label. Frank found that aerated chocolate has been a huge success all over the world and they believe it will be a huge success here in the United States as well. “We will bring a fresh new look and taste with a premium blend of chocolate and flavors that have not ever been marketed successfully in the USA.” “This bar is different, it’s unlike anything else, and we believe Bubble Chocolate is a product people will have to try.”
Bubble Chocolate is a member of National Confectioners Association.

To the media: For more information, interview, or samples, please contact: Bruce G. Smith, Senior Vice President, Bubble Chocolate, +1 856-753-0118. Email, bruce@bubblewrapcandy.com; or Pat Magee, Media Relations, P Magee Enterprises, +1 330-659-7048, Email: plmagee@earthlink.net

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