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Name Favorites Dislikes Brian everything black licorice Caitlin gummi, anything soft, licorice, chocolate, mint, caffeinated, lollipops hot/spicy, coffee, most nuts, most sour, most liquor, shredded coconut Victoria chocolate (especially milk and white); peanut butter; most nuts; hard fruit-flavored candy (Jolly Ranchers, etc.); gum; jelly beans; sour gummis; caramel licorice, caffeinated candy, lemon candy MichelleG Sour, […]

Cola Flavored Candy

I went to the World market today and my wife convinced me to pick up some Haribo Gummi Cola Bottles. I haven’t had them in ages and I forgot how good they are. That got me thinking about cola/soda flavored candies. I LOVE the cola and root beer flavored Bottlecaps. I recently tried Cola Shigeki […]

Leftover Halloween Candy – What to do with it?

Do you still have a metric ton of Halloween candy and you aren’t sure what to do with it? Me, I have lots left but I plan on eating it all. For those that don’t want to down all that candy, here are some links from across the ‘net with ideas and recipes for your […]