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Cool and wacky candy from Japan

Wacky Wafers and Bonkers – Making a Comeback

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Wacky Wafers
Remember biting into Wacky Wafersâ„¢ for the first time? Whether it was the banana, green apple, watermelon, orange or strawberry one, you were guaranteed a fruity, chalky, sugary yet tart taste in your mouth that seemed to ease all of your childhood worries. But your adult worries probably got the best of you when Nestle bought out Willy Wonka and the candies were produced nevermore.

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Life Savers turns 100!

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Life Savers Wint-O-Green Bag

The year was 1912. The Titanic was sinking, New Mexico was becoming the 47th state and Arizona was becoming the 48th. The Scoville Organoleptic Test was being developed (to rate the spicy heat of a pepper), and, ah, yes, the good ol’ Life Saver was being born.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing approximately 2 grams, the Pep-O-Mint Life Saver was born thanks to the clever determination of his father, Clarence Crane, a chocolate maker who set out to create a sweet treat to beat the summer heat.

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Candy Review: Komforte Chockolates (Savory Ramen Flavor)

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Savory Ramen Komforte Chocolates BarAmong the very few, truly dirt cheap foods still available these days, instant ramen noodles continue their illustrious reign as the quick snack fix king of the grocery aisle. Employing a masterful blend of wheat flour, salt, and various spices along with a top secret chemical preservative mélange, the MSG-amped noodles quell hunger pangs in a pinch with only minimal side effects (if temporary tongue numbness and headaches are, in your estimation, easily dismissible).

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Bitter divorce or a sweet reunion—what will become of Mike & Ike split?

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Mike and Ike breakup

In case you haven’t heard, after a 72-year relationship, Mike & Ike have split. Yes, a candy-coated PR stunt similar to that of the great Barbie & Ken divorce of 2004.

Hoping to capture the attention of teenagers, Just Born (the candy company who makes Mike & Ike) made the split well known across multiple social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, earlier this month.

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Advertise Your Business… with Chocolate!

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QR Code ChocolateDepending on your advertising and technology knowledge, you may or may not be familiar with Quick Response Codes, more commonly known as QR Codes. Made up of a matrix bar code that can be photographed and then read with a mobile app, QR Codes link to more information about a company – revealing anything from text to contact info to a website. And now there are chocolate QR Codes!

Yes, you read that correctly. Promotional company Chocolate Graphics uses a patented process to create edible advertising—QR Codes made from 100% chocolate.

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