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Flavored KitKats hurting Nestle in the UK

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Nestle’s strategy of diversifying it’s KitKat brand has fallen flat on its face, to the tune of an 18% drop in overall sales. Nestle, who released 12 different KitKat varieties in the UK, has canceled all but 2, Tiramisu and Caramel, which were the 2 best […]

Review: Japanese KitKat Part 2 – Strawberry and White Maple flavors

In part one of this two part series, I reviewed the Japanese Kit Kat flavors of Noir and Wine. Today I am reviewing some more Japanese Kit Kat flavors: Strawberry and White Maple Syrup. I’m still amazed the candy companies produce different flavors in different countries. Both of these flavors came in boxes of 4 […]

Candy Review: Japanese KitKat – Noir and Wine flavors

I’ll admit it….before I started this site, I had no idea candy companies made their candies in different flavors in other countries. Well, they do. Recently, Hershey’s has come out with multiple new flavors in the U.S. – Extra Creamy, Coffee, White Chocolate, Orange Creme, and Mint. In Japan, Kit Kat is made by Nestle […]

Candy Review: Chuao Breakfast in Bed Collection

Chuao Chocolatier isn’t a household name (yet) but we have covered their products many times here on Candy Addict® and almost without fail their products are delicious (my favorite is their Firecracker with popping candy). So, my hopes were high for their Mother’s Day special – the Breakfast in Bed Collection – with five bonbons […]

Candy Review: Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters And Heavenly Crisp Bar

Skinny Cow ice cream has been around for a while and I think it’s pretty darn good so I was curious as to how their new line of candies would taste. The Skinny Cow candies are made by Nestle so I figure that I’d find some similarities in taste and quality to those Nestle candies […]