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All Candy Expo Day 3 – Brian

At this point all the deals have been done, all the business cards and contact info has been exchanged and everyone is ready to go (including me). The show is only open to 2PM instead of the usual 5PM, and nobody wants to haul all the candy/products back home with them so just about everything […]

All Candy Expo Day 2 – Brian

Sorry for the delay in posting this… the lack of net access at the hotel really messed me up…. So, Day Two at the show is over and done. Despite being amazingly sore and stiff (hauling around all that candy really uses muscles I didn’t know I had), I had a great time though. I […]

All Candy Expo Day 2 – Brian – midday

Wow. I’m tired. It’s 1:44PM Chicago time and I ache all over. I’m sitting in the press room right now using their free WiFi access. I’ve talked to so many company reps it’s all blurring together. I even stopped by a booth that I visited the day before and realized when the lady turned around […]

All Candy Expo Day 1 – Pictures

I got the first batch of pictures uploaded. Check them out here. It’s Tuesday morning and the show floor opens in 5 minutes or so and I don’t have time to label them and give them descriptions, but they’re still fun to look at. More to come…. All Candy Expo

All Candy Expo Day 1 – Brian

Wow – day one of the All Candy Expo is over and that was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was simply crazy. The place was HUGE – every candy company I have ever heard of (and tons that I hadn’t) were there. Amazing. We’ll be writing about and reviewing […]