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Candy Review: Halloween Mini Review Roundup

It’s finally October, fellow Candy Addicts, and we all know what that means! Halloween, the best holiday ever, will soon be upon us. Halloween not only marks the opening of “candy season” here in the U.S. but it also allows the shelves of our favorite stores to be filled up with treats to tie us […]

Candy Giveaway Winners

Above you see the winner of the LOLCandy contest. It was voted as the best one by four of the Candy Addict staff so the person that submitted it will win prize #2! I, however, liked the LOLCandy below and since I have enough extra candy, I’m going to send that person some candy too […]

New Candy Addict Writers

Recently I put out a call for more writers. I was overwhelmed by the response – I received 33 applications in the first four days and had to stop accepting applications. I was planning on hiring three, maybe four writers and I ended up hiring six! I was like a child in a retail outlet […]

Candy Addict Staff Writer – MichelleG

My life’s philosophy has always been “life’s short – eat dessert first!” and I try to live by that motto. At restaurants (from white tablecloths to the golden arches) I always read the dessert section of the menu first, and I often joke that in addition to my normal stomach I’ve got a “dessert stomach.” […]

Candy Consumption Log

I figured I’d start keeping track of all the candy I eat just to see how much candy I actually eat and to keep track of the little candies I eat but don’t write about. It can also be used to see what candy reviews will be coming up next. Comments/questions can be left on […]