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Best Tricks for Treats: Share Your Halloween Candy Tips

It’s that time of year again, when strange creatures roam around in the dark searching for sugary snacks at strangers’ homes. Ah, I love Halloween! Do you go all-out for the holiday, or is it just an excuse to buy more bags of candy than could ever be devoured by the neighborhood kids just so […]

Candy Fun: Get Your Halloween Game On!

The next best thing to trick or treating on Halloween is handing the candy out, am I right? That way you accidentally have extras afterwards that you can only get rid of by eating all yourself! Now you can dish out Halloween candy all year round. The creative geniuses at took this idea and […]

Candy Review: Halloween Mini Review Roundup

It’s finally October, fellow Candy Addicts, and we all know what that means! Halloween, the best holiday ever, will soon be upon us. Halloween not only marks the opening of “candy season” here in the U.S. but it also allows the shelves of our favorite stores to be filled up with treats to tie us […]

Candy Addict Halloween look

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween so I changed the look of the site last night to our new Halloween theme that was done for us the same time we got the site makeover from E.Webscapes Design Studio. For regular visitors of the site, be sure and refresh the site in your browser so […]

Happy Halloween from Candy Addict

Happy Halloween to all of us here at Candy Addict! For us, this is the most joyous time of year. Think of it – total strangers will give you candy – all you have to do is wear a costume! How cool is that? May all of your baskets, bags, satchels, pillowcases, buckets, sacks, (or […]