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Edible Googly Eyes

Quick, what are you doing right now? Working? Babysitting? Getting a jump on the ol’ tax return? Well, drop whatever you’ve got going on, because we’ve come across an awesome new project that needs your immediate attention: edible googly eyes! That’s right. Everybody knows that candy is just more fun to eat when it has […]

Candy Review: Chocolate Pop Rocks

(click to enlarge) While at Wal-mart a couple weeks ago (the same time I picked up the Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers) I also saw and bought the new Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks. I’ve always loved Pop Rocks and wondered what Pop Rocks plus chocolate would taste like. The Pop Rocks are coated with a shiny […]

New Candy from Hershey’s

While perusing the Hershey’s website recently, I came across some new candy which must have been released to little fanfare and announcement (or they haven’t been announced at all yet), as I hadn’t heard of them, and it’s part of my job to be on top of them. The new products are Hershey’s Kisses Filled […]

Candy Review: Madelaine Chocolates

(Mix and Match Malt balls) I’ll have to admit, I had never heard of Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc. before they contacted me and offered to send me some samples to review. It turns out they are quite the chocolate powerhouse with currently 449 products online, so you are sure to find something made with chocolate […]

Quick Candy Reviews

Lots of quick candy reviews, not worthy of their own posts, but worth mentioning… Looking for Slammers this weekend, I found Hershey’s Whoppers Milkshake milk instead and tried it. It really does taste like a malty milkshake only it’s not frozen, just cold. It is SUPER sweet – too sweet really. The 14 oz. bottle […]