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Candy Recipe: Snickers Fudge

How do you know when a candy has reached the height of popularity? Sales, marketing, limited edition versions and the “test of time” are all good ways to tell, but you know you have a real winner when devoted fans start incorporating the candy flavors at home. That’s exactly what Joe over at “Culinary in […]

Candy Review: Limited Edition Snickers Dark

I ran into these at a local store while grocery shopping last week. The combination of the words “limited edition” and the price of 5 for $2 was far too tempting to resist. They were announced last June, and they also come in a Dark with Almond variety, but I haven’t found any of them […]

Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

I was actually on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean (more about that soon) during the Super Bowl, so I missed this commercial when it was first shown. I didn’t even know about it until yesterday when someone sent me an email about it. I’m not sure why this guy thought I was Snickers […]

Snickers Superhero

As I’m sure many of you know, companies produce different versions of their products for different parts of the world, and along with that, comes different advertising campaigns that we’ll never see. Thanks to the Internet, localization is pretty easy to get around so you can enjoy the weirdness that other countries get and you […]

Deep-fried Snickers in the papers again

It’s almost time for state fairs to start rolling into town again and that means more deep fried candy bars. The editor of the Patriot Ledger (a newspaper in Boston) emailed me last week asking if they could use one of my pictures of deep-fried Snickers in their paper. I said yes (and why not?) […]