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Christmas, Easter, Marshmallow Peeps, and Me

Today we present another article from a Candy Addict reader. This one is from a reader named Monica: Whilst on an emergency Listerine run to CVS today (which I hate to do because it costs, like, twice as much as Target but hey, a self-proclaimed Candy Addict’s gotta take care of her pearly whites – […]

Candy Review: Peppermint Peeps

Having a popular candy blog does have its rewards. One of them is unexpected free candy in the mail. Today I came home to a package from Just Born, makers of Peeps. Inside was a package of brand new Peppermint Peeps, coming soon for the Christmas holidays. I have to be honest though – I […]

Candy Review: Zours Original Fruitz

Most sour candies aren’t nearly sour enough for me. I am one of those weird people who will quite happily eat a fresh lemon wedge without flinching. When I happened upon this bag of Zours, which shows two aliens suffering from a serious case of Sour Eye*, I had to give these a try! The […]

2007 Peeps Celebrity Survey

(images courtesy and Yahoo!Photos) According to a survey released by Just Born (so you have to imagine that the results might be a bit biased), the celebrity that most resembles a Peep (“either in physique, colorful attire, or sweet nature/personality”) is Will Ferrell. I wonder what criteria people thought of when they chose Will? […]

Easter Candy Review: New Peeps Products

Just Born, the makers of Peeps, the holy grail of Easter candy, are on the fast track to cornering all the holidays. Peeps are now available in various colors and shapes to accommodate a variety of holidays. Did you ever think you’d be able to buy Peeps in every season? Well, Easter is the ultimate […]