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Candy Review: Hillside Golightly Sugar Free Candy

Swearing off sugar isn’t hard when you have alternatives like these. I was happy to see the postal worker today, because Hillside Candy sent me a package of their Golightly Sugar Free Candy to sample, and my teeth were ready to do some chewing. You see, I can find plenty of sugar free chocolate and […]

Candy Review: Kookaburra Licorice and Mini Pastels

On my return from a recent vacation, I was overjoyed to find April’s Licorice of the Month Club selections waiting for me. This month I got to enjoy Kookaburra black licorice and Mini Pastels. The month’s selections also included Licorice Toffee, but as I have mentioned before, my jaw simply is not up to the […]

Candy Review: Black Opal Australian Licorice

Today was my happy time of the month. That’s right, my licorice of the month club selections from Licorice International have arrived! Woo hoo! This month the selections were Black Opal Real Australian Licorice and a nice bag of Good & Plenty. As my avid licorice review readers already know, my very first review was […]

Poll: Do you smuggle candy into movies?

My wife and I went to the movie theatre on Friday night – something we don’t get to do much since we have a five-year old daughter. Before the show, we were at a store and they had Red Vines on clearance for $1 so I picked up a pack for the movie. As I […]

Review: Deluxe Dark Chocolate Moose Munch Bar

How could I resist a candy bar with a wrapper that has a picture of a moose licking its lips? How do you make a Moose Munch Bar? Start with buttery caramel corn. Fold it with smooth chocolate laced with whole almonds, cashews and toffee bits. Drench it in plenty of sweet dark chocolate. Extravagant? […]