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Candy review: Knipschildt Chocolates

In my household, we don’t stand on romantic ceremony – I pick my own Valentine’s Day chocolates. So I have no one but myself to blame if I don’t get it right. This year, I was too distracted to mail-order something in time. I am usually happy to take a rain check on a holiday […]

Candy Review: Archie McPhee Wasabi, Bacon, and Meatball Gumballs

I am a huge fan of Archie McPhee. My bathroom is decorated with their matching sushi-themed shower curtain, rug, and trash can; I have their band-aids that look like Crime Scene tape, their toy gun that catapults pigs, their little squeaky monk who’s talking on the phone and drinking coffee…. But you’ll notice something all […]

All Candy Expo 2008 – Day 1- Brian

This is my second All Candy Expo and even though the initial shock and awe has worn off I still can’t help but be amazed by the whole thing. It’s like Halloween for adults… they even give you a bag to go trick-or-treating with collect review samples of candy. There is so much new candy […]

Top 15 Candy Gift Ideas – The Best of the Best Candy of 2007

These are the best candies we have reviewed from the past year. We have written 191 candy reviews so far in 2007 and only 15 of them earned our Candy Addict Awesomely Addictive Award. The list below is a list of those 15 candies that earned our highest honor. Some are a little expensive, and […]

Coming Soon: Luxury Chocolate Salon in L.A.

Perk up your ears, all you Candy Addicts living in Los Angeles. Next Sunday (December 9th, that is), SoCal chocoholics can gather and rejoice at the Pasadena Center for L.A.’s first ever Luxury Chocolate Salon! This “Salon” seems to be a fancy-schmancy convention where folks can sample a huge variety of artisan, gourmet, and premium […]