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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Rachel R

A recent migrant to southern California, Rachel embodies both stereotype and anomaly. Like so many Caifornians, she’s (proudly) eccentric and open-minded, and enjoys performing. Unlike the stereotypical anorexic Hollywoodite, however, she loves candy. Tasty and unusual candies are a passion of hers — and her never-ending quest for unique treats is aided by her background […]

Candy Review: Yorkie Bar

Not since the day that I first saw Men’s Pocky has a candy bar screamed Sexist! like the Yorkie Bar. And even in Pocky’s defense, the idea of a male-flavor has always been more confusing than it has been insulting. This is not the case with Yorkie, whose tagline proudly boasts “It’s Not For Girls!” […]

Candy Review: Chocolates Britt

Zoo Jellies in Vietnam. Minties in Australia. Marshmallows injected with green apple-flavored goo in Hong Kong. Kit Kats in Italy (some things you just can’t escape). Toblerone, Violet Crumble, Haribo Gummies, Ritter Sport Bars… I am a bit of a traveling fool and there are few thrills greater than walking into a supermercado – or […]

Snackerrific Weekly Roundup 9/1-5

This past weekend, a cookie store in Austin was having its grand opening. As a promotion, they were selling a dozen cookies for two dollars. Having not had a freshly baked cookie in some time, I waited anxiously all week for this event. I even justified my eating of a planned purchase of three-dozen cookies […]

Japanese Candy Review: Nama Kokuto Ame

What’s the best part of traveling to a new place? Seeing the sights? Nope. The food? Getting closer. Trying new candy? Now you’re talking! So on my recent trip to Honolulu, I was on the hunt for candy. Not Hawaiian candy, mind you, but Asian candy. I love Asian candy – if it’s got a […]