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Halloween Candy Review: Boo Bands Candy Bracelets

Remember those plastic wrist bands that everyone was wearing a year or two ago? First available in yellow and bearing the inspirational message “Livestrong,” they were sold by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to raise money for cancer research. The campaign was so successful that other organizations also began to sell bracelets in various colors – […]

Leftover Halloween candy is a blessing, not a burden!

Have you already eaten so much candy you’ve had enough epic sugar highs for one holiday season? Or maybe you’re already tired of your kids digging into their bounty of Halloween goodies and subsequently bouncing off the walls. Well, worry no more! There are plenty of ways to enjoy your leftover Halloween candy other than […]

Halloween Quickie Candy Reviews: Peeps Spooky Friends, Gummi Googly Eyes, Individual Twizzlers

Well, Halloween is over, the decorations are coming down, and the candy bowl is slowly emptying. While the sweet memories are still fresh, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this year’s haul. Peeps Spooky Friends: These are pretty much equal in their level of awesomeness with the Googly Eyes (see below). To […]

Happy Halloween from Candy Addict!

All of us here at Candy Addict want to wish you a very happy Halloween! Some people have Christmas, some may love Valentine’s Day, but for us, it’s Halloween all the way. What could be better for a Candy Addict than a day dedicated to free candy? Well, maybe one dedicated to free candy for […]

DIY Halloween Candy Bars

Everything tastes better home-made, right? This is true of almost everything, but it is especially true when it comes to treats. Cookies straight out of the oven are infinitely more pleasing than the ones straight out of the factory. Foodie website understands this concept perfectly, and they’ve put together a small collection of recipes […]