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Wrigley’s Believe It or Not: Metallic Gum

Okay, I confess. I am addicted to gum and mints. I can’t help myself. I pop one after I eat, while I am driving in the car, at my desk, and in the movie theater. My addiction knows no bounds. I am having one right now! Don’t judge me. I know I am not the […]

Free Wrigley’s 5 Gum!

UPDATE: ok, the contest is closed and we have 54 entries. I’ll be drawing the winners shortly….ok, winners drawn – comments #14 and #37 are the winners! Congrats! You’ll be getting your gum soon! I totally forgot to add this to the review. Wrigley’s sent me so many packs (12 of each flavor) that I […]

Gum Review: Wrigley’s new “5″ gum

Wrigley is introducing a new sugar-free to the market called simply “5″. The plan is for a mid to end of July availability (UPDATE: They say it’s August now), but they’re also going to be selling it at a few boutiques in LA, Miami and New York beginning this week. I had these on my […]

Candy Review: Starburst FaveReds

Whenever I dig into a package of mixed fruity flavored candies, I have an entirely predictable response: savor the purples first, then the pinks and reds. (And only after I’ve plucked out those flavors will I offer to share what remains.) Even though artificial grape receives the full measure of my devotion, I’m awfully fond […]

Life Savers turns 100!

The year was 1912. The Titanic was sinking, New Mexico was becoming the 47th state and Arizona was becoming the 48th. The Scoville Organoleptic Test was being developed (to rate the spicy heat of a pepper), and, ah, yes, the good ol’ Life Saver was being born. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing approximately 2 grams, […]