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Candy Review: IQ Elements Mint Drops

Do you think our esteemed leader was trying to tell me something when he sent me a box full of different kinds of mints to review from the All Candy Expo? My pores are going to ooze peppermint for weeks! I don’t have a problem with that, though, especially after trying IQ Elements Mint-Drops. The […]

Candy Review: Blow Pop Minis

image from CandyDirect When the long school day was over, the afternoon bus seemed like a sanctuary. True, there were always spit balls to dodge, boys to avoid, and backpacks to trip over. Despite these hazards, I welcomed the world of the school bus for one particular reason: it was prime candy trading time. Once […]

Candy Review: Disney Marshmallow Treats

Editor’s note: This review was written and submitted by a reader named Jenny! Thanks, Jenny, for the great review! I remember when I was a kid and the prospect of getting my favorite candies – only in pastel – along with a lot of jelly beans that I would only have to pick the black […]

Sweet Shot: Hypodermic Needle Candy

Here’s a shot that even people suffering from belonephobia (the fear of needles) need not fear—Sweet Shot Hypodermic Needle Candy. Just under an ounce of watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple, and strawberry liquid candy is loaded into each syringe. The shot is easily self-administered by pushing down the plunger and injecting the liquid into your […]

Name That Candy: Fizzy, Sour, and Disgusting Color

The other day I received an email from a reader trying to remember the name of a candy she had when she was young. The only things I could think of were Zotz and WarHeads but they don’t quite meet the description below. It has stumped me, so I put it to you, the readers. […]