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Candy Review: Taffy Town Taffy

The people at Taffy Town have been making these candies for 89 years, so it stands to reason they would have gotten it right by now. A bag of assorted flavors of Taffy Town Taffy arrived at my doorstep, so I had a nice selection of them to try. I was struck by the sheer […]

Name That Easter Candy: Naked jellybeans, German taffy, and squished Kisses

Every week we do a Name That Candy post where we post descriptions of long-lost candy sent in by readers and you get to see if you can help figure out what candy it is. This one comes from a reader named Rachel: They were these jelly beans that lacked the outer coating that a […]

Laffy Taffy Not So Laffy

Famous candy tycoon Willy Wonka has discovered, to his absolute horror, that one of the jokes featured on a Laffy Taffy wrapper was not actually funny. To correct this humor crisis, he has put out a call for a “new deputy executive director of Wonka Laffy Taffy wrapper humor management.” Prospective applicants must send in […]

Wacky Wafers and Bonkers – Making a Comeback

Remember biting into Wacky Wafersâ„¢ for the first time? Whether it was the banana, green apple, watermelon, orange or strawberry one, you were guaranteed a fruity, chalky, sugary yet tart taste in your mouth that seemed to ease all of your childhood worries. But your adult worries probably got the best of you when Nestle […]

Show Your Candy Love… With Socks!

Maybe it’s already abundantly clear to your family and friends that you’re a Candy Addict®. Maybe you’re already lucky enough to receive assorted boxes of bonbons for National Gumdrop Day, National Taffy Day, and National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day. (Those are real holidays, by the way, celebrated on February 15, May 23, and December 16, respectively.) […]