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Sweet M’s Candy World

If you’re ever in Atlanta and in search of a sugar buzz, make time to go to Sweet M’s Candy World in Northlake Mall. Sweet M’s is one of those great little places that makes the most of its space by lining the walls with everything from Jelly Belly jellybeans to Ghiradelli chocolate. Custom boxes […]

Quick Candy Reviews

Lots of quick candy reviews, not worthy of their own posts, but worth mentioning… Looking for Slammers this weekend, I found Hershey’s Whoppers Milkshake milk instead and tried it. It really does taste like a malty milkshake only it’s not frozen, just cold. It is SUPER sweet – too sweet really. The 14 oz. bottle […]

Candy Consumption Log

I figured I’d start keeping track of all the candy I eat just to see how much candy I actually eat and to keep track of the little candies I eat but don’t write about. It can also be used to see what candy reviews will be coming up next. Comments/questions can be left on […]

Candy Costumes – Be The Candy

      Here are some Halloween costumes that allow you to not only GET candy on Halloween, you can BE candy:   Sugar Babies costumes Blow Pop costumes Candy Corn costumes Tootsie Roll costumes Junior Mints costumes Sugar Daddy costumes Snickers costumes Twix costumes Skittles costumes Homemade candy dots costume Homemade CandyWoman (funny) Some […]

Candy Review: Panda Blueberry Licorice

Traditional licorice candy isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it certainly has an enduring presence whether tucked inside the nightstand of a grandparent or happily gobbled up by boisterous teens in the back of a dark movie theater.