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DANGER: Starburst Makes You Lame

(image from WARNING! DANGER! Beware, Candy Addicts, there could be a sinister death-trap lurking in your pockets or purses, lying in wait of the opportunity to attack. It could rob you of your dignity, the use of your jaw, and apparently, all sense of reason. Yes, friends, I am talking about Starburst. Thank Goodness […]

Starburst Little Lad: Creepy or Cool?

The Little Lad Berries N Creme Commercial I’ve been putting this off for a long time, but I must face my fear if I’m ever going to get over it. I have a confession to make. I’m disturbed by the Starburst Berries and Creme Little Lad. Extremely disturbed. The screechy voice, the bizarre dance, his […]

Candy Review: Limited Edition Retro Starburst

Starburst has finally jumped onto the Limited Edition bandwagon that so many other candy brands have been jumping on. While shopping at the local Wal-Mart, I came across these Retro Flavored Starburst at the checkout line. While the package is decorated in a Tie-Dye motif, indicating a 60′s theme, the flavors (or at least their […]

eBay Weirdness: 80 Starburst Wrappers

So, can anyone tell me why someone would sell 850 empty individual Starburst wrappers? Or, why anyone would think someone would want to buy them? As of the time of me writing this, there is 40 minutes left in the auction and no bids. Surprise, surprise. 850 Starburst wrappers on eBay candy, ebay, weird, odd, […]

Stump the Candy Addict: Canadian Fiber Starburst Candy

I got an email recently from a reader named Joanie who is trying to find the name of a candy she had a year or so in Canada. It’s got me stumped. Can anyone out there help Joanie? Here is her email: About a year or more ago there was a candy, made in Canada […]