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Honor student suspended for buying Skittles

At Michael Sheridan’s school, candy sales are not allowed (oh the horrors!). When Michael was caught buying a bag of Skittles from another student he was suspended for a day, barred from attending an honors student dinner, and stripped of his title as class vice president. Seems a bit harsh doesn’t it? It’s a good […]

Candy Cocktail: Vodka Skittles

By now, you’ve probably heard of some sort of candy and alcohol combination. We have covered several takes on the idea, including chocolate wine, a candy cocktail called a Fish Bowl, the infamous Skittlebrau, and a long list of candy cocktails. If you like Skittles, and you like vodka, Jose at Extra Tasty has a […]

The Midas Touch: Skittles Style!

As kids, we all heard the story of King Midas, the greedy king who wished everything he touched turned to gold. It’s a great fantasy until you find the reality of it all. As a Candy Addict, have you ever had the same dream as King Midas, except with candy? Well, Skittles has the answer […]

Candy Review: Skittles Chocolate Mix

One of the many new products that were being displayed at the All Candy Expo was this new addition to the MARS family: Skittles Chocolate Mix. They were kind enough to give me a few samples and as I walked away from the booth I looked at the package with a strange sense of curiosity […]

Candy Review: Carnival Skittles

One of the newest limited edition candies on the block are the Carnival Skittles. They immediately stand out in their playful yellow wrapper amongst all the other candies and I was lucky enough to find them in a convenience store that is close to where I work. The package happily displays the flavors of a […]