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Candy Review: Candy Cane Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks was one of my favorite candies as a kid. It’s one that wasn’t available at every store you went to, so it was kind of special when you got it. The popping candy was simply awesome. Now, Pop Rocks has come out with special Holiday-themed Candy Cane flavor Pop Rocks and when I […]

Candy Review: Chocolate Pop Rocks

(click to enlarge) While at Wal-mart a couple weeks ago (the same time I picked up the Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers) I also saw and bought the new Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks. I’ve always loved Pop Rocks and wondered what Pop Rocks plus chocolate would taste like. The Pop Rocks are coated with a shiny […]

Godiva Pop Rocks Truffles

Jasmine over at the “Confessions of a Cardamom Addict” Blog briefly mentions Pop Rocks Truffles from Godiva in two recent posts here and here. I can’t find any other reference to them anywhere online and even Godiva’s Truffles page doesn’t mention them. Either Jasmine is making this up or it’s a well-kept secret. They sound […]

Candy Review: Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs

Now, some people might say that Mini Eggs are perfect just the way they are – tiny, sugary ovoids of chocolaty perfection. To those people I say, BLASPHEMY! There is no candy so perfect that marketing executives can’t tweak with the formula to produce a bunch of special editions that nobody really needed, but all […]

Candy Review: Hleks Chocolate Poppers

One of the many interesting things about the All Candy Expo is that amongst all the candy giants like Mars, Hershey and Nestle, there are plenty of little and foreign candy companies too. I really liked that aspect of the showroom floor because it gave me the chance to try candies that I otherwise wouldn’t […]