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New candy on the way from Nestle and Wonka

Nestle/Wonka doesn’t have a lot on the way for us in 2008, but what they do have packs a punch: Wonka Giant Chewy Nerds – we reviewed Giant Chewy Nerds already and they are fan-freakin-tastic. In stores now for $0.69-$0.89. Wonka Tinglerz – Remember Nestle Buncha Crunch? They were small, bite-sized pieces (globs) of Nestle […]

RUNTS RANT!: How Nestle keeps dropping the Wonka ball

Candy is serious business. Well maybe not exactly, but it’s generally thought to be a bad idea to muck with things that people are personally invested in. No matter what it is, someone out there loves it and they’re going to be angry when it changes. Case in point: Willy Wonka substituted cherry and lime […]

Candy Review: Nestle’s Coffee Crisp

Nestle’s Coffee Crisp is a bar that has a very dedicated fan base. When I first heard of it, it was though an online petition that was demanding it’s distribution back in the United States. I found it recently on the shelf at a convenience store I happened to be in, and I couldn’t help […]

Candy Review: Nestle Crunch Crisp

(image from I am twenty-six years old. The candies I love, however, are often significantly older than I am, even older than my parents, and, in some cases (what up, Tootsie Roll?) older than my grandparents as well. I suppose it’s easy to take the classics for granted, with so many new and delicious […]

Candy Review: Nestle Drifter Bar

According to the Nestle UK website, the Nestle Drifter bar has two slogans: “Too much chew for one bar” and “Chewier than the average chocolate bar”. I would like to propose one more: “The chew that stays with you”. Seriously. This thing is everlasting. It refuses to die. It’s a bit of a Zombie Twix, […]