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Candy Review: Frankford Candy’s Marshmallow Hearts

Candy Review: Mars Bar

The Mars Bar is the candy ship that launched an empire. Though not the first candy bar, it was the first of its kind in the U.K.. In 1932 Forrest Mars decided to introduce his own version of the popular American Milky Way bar to those east of the Atlantic. It seems odd that the […]

Candy Review: Dollarama Marshmallow Treats Santa

We may be in the midst of a recession, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the pursuit of true Candy Addictedness. Welcome to Part 2 of It Came From The Dollar Store: The Cheapo Holiday Candy Special. In Part 1, we reviewed the surprisingly not-terrible Whipped Creme Santa. This second item also features […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Marshmallow Creme Kisses

This guest review was written by Laura Kaspick…. Back in December 2007, Candy Addict reviewed the Chocolate Marshmallow Hershey Kisses. While the reviewer had hoped that these were going to have a marshmallow fondant center, she was disappointed to find that the Kisses were actually just solid marshmallow flavored chocolate. A solid Kiss is certainly […]

Candy Review: Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows in Simply S’mores flavor

There is a special place in my heart (and digestive system) for marshmallows. I have always loved marshmallows and was the one kid out of 100 who actually liked Marshmallow Peeps. I even like to make my own marshmallows on occasion. So, I was thrilled to receive some gourmet, handmade marshmallows from Plush Puffs to […]