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Easter Candy Review: Lindt Fun Eggs

Random new candy purchases can be dangerous. On one hand you could have found a new favorite, on the other you may have wasted money on some sub-par, run-of-the-mill candy that you wouldn’t mind never seeing again. The former was the case when I found these Lindt Fun Eggs. I was prowling around shopping the […]

Candy Review: Lindt Chocolate Mini Roundup

As anyone can tell you, I love chocolate. I’m simply crazy for it and I’ll do anything to get my hands on the stuff. So I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you to hear that chocolate makes up a majority of the candy that I eat. Like Caitlin has her passion for licorice, […]

Candy Review: Lindt Fioretto

One of the advantages of my career as a pastry chef is that people are always bringing me “foodie” gifts. Every event I host I end up with decent bottles of wine, jars of chutney, interesting cookies and other food-based stuff. My personal favorites, of course, are those gifts which revolve around chocolates or candy. […]

Candy Review: El Rey Chocolates

Let’s say you return home from the market with a big Yukon Gold potato to go with your steak. You’re ready to bake the potato when you notice some fine print on a small sticker. It reads: “Contains salt, milk substitutes, artificial sour cream, onion, bacon and cheddar cheese flavor; 7% real potato.” Although you […]

Candy Review: Best Easter Bunnies (of the chocolate persuasion)

candy images in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle Every Easter I get kind of dazed by the sheer multitude of chocolate Easter bunnies beckoning to me from the store shelves. They’re all pretty and shiny, and I can hear them calling, “Pick me! Pick me!” But which one to choose? Well, this year I […]