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Candy Review: Hillside Golightly Sugar Free Candy

Swearing off sugar isn’t hard when you have alternatives like these. I was happy to see the postal worker today, because Hillside Candy sent me a package of their Golightly Sugar Free Candy to sample, and my teeth were ready to do some chewing. You see, I can find plenty of sugar free chocolate and […]

Classic Candy Review: Charleston Chew

There are dancers in every family, and I’m sure that someone out there has a Granny who can still do a mean Charleston, but I think it’s fairly safe to say at this point that the Charleston Chew candy bar has long outlasted the dance craze which inspired its name. While the Charleston was replaced […]

Candy T-shirts

In no particular order: Candy Color Price GooGoo Clusters – Got to Have a GooGoo white $14.95 Big Hunk white $20.00 Abba-Zaba dark blue? black? $20.00 Abba-Zaba – You’re My Only Friend yellow $20.00 Tootsie Roll – Sweet and Chocolatey dark brown $16.99 M&Ms: Impossible to resist grey $17.99 M&Ms: Candy band grey $17.99 Sugar […]

New Candy Addict Writers

Recently I put out a call for more writers. I was overwhelmed by the response – I received 33 applications in the first four days and had to stop accepting applications. I was planning on hiring three, maybe four writers and I ended up hiring six! I was like a child in a retail outlet […]

Candy Review: Now and Later Soft

A few weeks ago we wrote about the announcement of new Now and Later Soft and now (a little later) we have the review. I’ll be honest – I have never really liked Now and Laters (or Laffy Taffy for that matter). I’m not sure why really – maybe it was because they were so […]