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Candy Review: KitKat iStick

Is it just me, or does this limited edition KitKat from Japan sound like an iPod accessory? Thankfully it’s not, as it would be both expensive and not a tasty candy bar. The iStick KitKat was a summer release and unlike the other varieties, was found in the freezer section of stores. It is meant […]

Japanese KitKats are Good Luck Charms

Spring is approaching (well, for some of us anyways) and no one understands this better than the Japanese. The cherry blossoms (sakura) will be in bloom followed by the intense and dreaded college entrance exams that many Japanese students study so hard for. Parents of these students express their support buy buying them chocolate in […]

Candy Review: KitKat Chocolatier: Green Tea & Kinako and Strawberry & Nuts

These Japanese Kitkats are mini finger bars produced by Le Patissier Takagi. They’re the latest in “specialty” KitKats from Japan, following the “Wine” and “Noir” flavors from last winter. Each finger is about 1 3/4 inches long which is perfect for snacking, sharing or a quick treat.

Candy Review: Pumpkin KitKat

Ahh, Japan, the land of seasonal treats! The pumpkin, so revered by the Japanese as the quintessential autumn vegetable; it can be boiled, roasted, baked, steamed, and mashed up with pounds of sugar and turned into a seasonal candy! I was recently in Japan, and a friend casually let it slide that pumpkin-flavored KitKats were […]

Flavored KitKats hurting Nestle in the UK

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Nestle’s strategy of diversifying it’s KitKat brand has fallen flat on its face, to the tune of an 18% drop in overall sales. Nestle, who released 12 different KitKat varieties in the UK, has canceled all but 2, Tiramisu and Caramel, which were the 2 best […]