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Candy Review: Milkshake Kit Kat

Yes, another Limited Edition Kit Kat. I swear I could probably have a whole site devoted to just Kit Kat and that would keep me busy. I first heard of this Kit Kat variation when David at Way Awesome reviewed it – he wasn’t impressed and I wasn’ t going to go out of my […]

Candy Review: Coffee and Extra Creamy Kit Kat

Personally, I’ve always found Kit Kat bars to be rather creamy already, so when I saw the Extra Creamy Limited Edition bar, I was intrigued. Next to it in the store was a Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat so, of course, I had to try both! Extra Creamy: The extra creamy Kit Kat really didn’t […]

Japanese Candy Review: Almond Dessert KitKat

Japan has a strong dedication to celebrating the change of seasons. They have special festivals, clothes, activities and (of course) foods depending on what time of year it is. In fact, Japan is now infamous for the number unique flavors they’ve been cranking out seasonally on the candy aisle. One of the stars of this […]

Japanese Candy Review: Caramel, Vanilla Beans, and Kiwifruit KitKats

The Japanese Kit Kat saga continues with no signs of slowing down. Those Candy Addicts who are new to the satisfying hobby of international candy eating may not know that Nestle, who makes KitKat in Asia (Hershey makes Kit Kat in the U.S.) seem to never tire of developing new, occasionally strange, varieties of the […]

Candy Review: Limited Edition KitKats from Japanese 7-11

Japan’s 7-11 stores have jumped onto the limited edition KitKat bandwagon. It’s not surprising that they want in on this very profitable market. 7-11 has released three new flavors that you can only find in their convenience stores, which thankfully isn’t a hard thing considering how common they are. The three KitKat flavors are Banana […]