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Candy Review: Mike and Ike Italian Ice and Tropical Typhoon (Revisted)

I can be a vulture when it comes to candy. I have a predetermined list of stores I scout out weekly and gaze upon their candy sections. Supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations, etc…. I usually do this to see if there happens to be a sale on candy, or even if I know there is a […]

Top 10 Love ‘em or Hate ‘em Candies

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since joining the Candy Addict staff it’s… well… it’s that any man, regardless of age, build, or boxer short selection is sexy in a tub full of jelly beans. But also that candy, despite its sweet nature, can be a very divisive subject. Sure, it’s hard to quibble over […]

Candy News Roundup for June 2008

There has been a lot of news in the world of candy in June. Here’s a quick summary of all the news with links to the press releases and a quick comment on each: Introducing Cotton Candy – With New Awesome Flavors! – Cotton candy in Hot Tamale and Mike and Ike flavors New M&M’S® […]

Candy Review: Chocolate Mousse Peeps

It’s no secret I like Peeps. In fact, I think they’re close to candy perfection – sugary marshmallow interior plus granulated sugar exterior… how can one go wrong? It goes without saying that when I saw the Just Born booth at the All Candy Expo I made sure to make a pilgrimage into those hallowed […]

Easter Candy Review: Peeps Orange Creme Flavored Eggs

It seems I may be one of the few people in the world who actually likes Just Born’s Peeps. I mean, sure, most Candy Addicts will pop a few at Easter just to say they did, but come on, who would really eat more than two? Me. That’s right, I’m here to admit that I’m […]