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Classic Candy Review: Jolly Rancher Flavor Round-Up

Since I adore them so much, the flavors of Jolly Rancher candies often act as a benchmark for when I taste other fruit flavored candy. As a group they make no excuses for not tasting at all like the actual fruits they represent. Jolly Ranchers are fabulous in that they are so fantastically, gorgeously artificial […]

Leaf Announces: FARTS candy

I grew up in a family where farts always came out on top in the laughter department. My brother was the King of it in our house. Very soon, I can buy him his own bag of edible Fartsâ„¢. That’s right, Leaf Brands (the candy company that brought us Astro Pops®, Jolly Ranchers ®, Whoppers […]

Candy Review: Melon Mango Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs have never been my favorite mint – they’re just too wimpy for my tastes. I’ve always preferred mints that are strong enough to make my tongue sting. I like the mellow vanilla outside of the white mint ones, but to me it doesn’t really go with the minty center, and the orange-flavored ones […]

Candy Review: Fini Candies

When your apartment is routinely inundated with candy samples from various companies, it really means something when you consistently return to one box in search of your daily sugar fix. In the past few weeks, that box has been from Fini. When I first got an email from Fini, I wasn’t sure what to expect […]

Candy Review: Spring Jelly Bean Hunt, Part III

photos in this post by Anthemic Tangle For our third entry in our Spring Jelly Bean Hunt, today we bring you original and sour flavor Starburst jelly beans! Original Flavor These jelly beans are a bit on the sweet side, but they’ve got enough flavor that you know what you’re eating. Both the original and […]