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Candy Review: Japanese Shigekix – Cola, Grape, and Ramune

One of the fun things about trying foreign candy with no English writing on the package is that you have no idea what to expect from it. Sure, I could Google it if I could figure out what it’s called, but where is the fun in that? Today’s review is of three different flavors of […]

Asian Candy Review: Pocky Brazilian Pudding

A recent Saturday afternoon found me cruising the aisles at a large downtown Chinese market that I’d somehow never been to in all my years of living in this town. Naturally, I made a beeline for the candy section. All the usual suspects were there – Kasugai and Lotte gummies, White Rabbits, and a few […]

Candy Review: Pastiglie Leone

In my recent review of Nama Kokuto Ame black sugar candies, I said that the best part of traveling to a new place was getting to try new candy. Well, it turns out that the best part of having friends and family travel to new places is also… getting to try new candy! So when […]

Candy Review: Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon

Leave it to the Japanese to invent candies that enhance your brain power! It may sound too good to be true, but don’t you think it’s worth having a little faith about them? After all, what Candy Addict wouldn’t love candies that make him smarter? These Shigekix hard gummi sour candies contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), […]

DIY Candy Sushi

Way back when (also known as 2005), we featured an article about Koo-ki Sushi, which was actually candy shaped to look like traditional sushi. Well, now you can make it yourself! A fellow Candy Addict who goes by applesticker over at Instructables has posted instructions and pictures detailing how you can use Rice Krispie Treats, […]