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Candy Review: Ice Breakers Iced Tea Lemon

I’m an easy target for the impulse buys at the grocery store checkout counters. I think it’s a good time to scan the candies and see if there’s anything new, and then of course if something catches my eye, I have to try it. Take, for example, these Ice Breakers in Iced Tea Lemon flavor. […]

All Candy Expo Day 2 – Brian

Sorry for the delay in posting this… the lack of net access at the hotel really messed me up…. So, Day Two at the show is over and done. Despite being amazingly sore and stiff (hauling around all that candy really uses muscles I didn’t know I had), I had a great time though. I […]

Haiku Candy Reviews

I was going to just post some quick thoughts on some of these candies but then I thought it would be fun to do the mini reviews in haiku form. So, I give you, our first ever Haiku Candy Reviews: Ice Breakers Sours Gum Flavor starts out strong, but fades away too quickly. I was […]

Candy Wrapper Alphabet Quiz – Answers

Back to the quiz!   Letter Candy Purchase A Almond Joy Amazon B Bit O’ Honey Amazon::Old Time CandyCandy Crate C Charleston Chew Amazon::Old Time CandyCandy Crate D Dots Amazon::Old Time CandyCandy Crate E Extra Amazon F Fruit Stripe Amazon::Old Time CandyCandy Crate G Goobers Amazon::Old Time CandyCandy Crate H Heath Amazon::Old Time Candy I […]

Five Mini Reviews

Here are a few new candies I’ve tried recently and some quick reviews of them: M-Azing Peanut Butter: When I first saw the commercials for M’Azing I wasn’t impressed. M&Ms in chocolate? Big deal. Well, I was hunting for some chocolate a few days ago and found a mini M-Azing Peanut Butter in my daughter’s […]