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Friday Fun: Dubble Beanland

Today’s Friday Fun brings an odd puzzler called Beanland. It’s from the makers of Dubble – a fair trade chocolate bar made in the UK. In the game, you have to guide your three cacao beans into the lorry (truck) at the bottom. The instructions say to “use your mouse, and plenty of nous”. Not […]

Friday Fun: Pearls, Gems, and M&Ms Game

Today’s Friday Fun goes right along with our pirate theme for today – it’s a game promoting the new Pirate M&Ms and the game is called Pearls, Gems and M&Ms. The gameplay we have all seen before a million times before but it’s worth playing because of the great comments the red M&M (his friends […]

Friday Fun: Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

Another Friday, another Friday Fun. Today I bring you the Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery. It’s sort of like those squirting games you play at amusement parks and fairs except there you win fun prizes and here you play the game with your keyboard. It’s actually really tricky (and hard) since the hose keeps moving back […]

Friday Fun: Peeps in Outer Space

Today’s Friday Fun brings two games in one – both with an Easter theme. You can choose from Peep Invaders – a Space Invaders clone with Peeps as the aliens or you can choose Peepsteroids – an Asteroids clone. Both are fun for a few minutes each, and they have the added benefit of being […]

Friday Fun: Pez Keystone

Today’s Friday Fun comes to us courtesy of the Austrian PEZ website (you do know that PEZ originated in Austria, right?). It’s called Keystone and the English instructions say “Look for PEZ candies in same colours!” and that’s all the English it has. It’s pretty easy to figure out though. Click on any PEZ color […]