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All Candy Expo – Part 6

(Laurie and me at the ACE) Now that I have had some time to decompress, I can look back at my great time at the All Candy Expo and share with you what was going on and what I felt really stuck out in yumminess. The whole Expo just seems overwhelming by nature. I mean, […]

Candy Review: Hershey’s Cherry Cream Bell

For many Candy Addicts, the most wonderful time of the year isn’t Christmas – it’s the post-Christmas sale season (what businesses here in Canada refer to as “Boxing Week,” the natural extension of the traditional Boxing Day sale). Boxing Week is an excellent opportunity to compensate for a disappointing Christmas by buying what you really […]

Candy Review: Lindt Fioretto

One of the advantages of my career as a pastry chef is that people are always bringing me “foodie” gifts. Every event I host I end up with decent bottles of wine, jars of chutney, interesting cookies and other food-based stuff. My personal favorites, of course, are those gifts which revolve around chocolates or candy. […]

Candy Review: Kinder Country

Kinder is a line of Italian chocolate by Ferrero that has a pretty wide distribution. It’s pretty popular all over Europe and you can find several varieties, including Kinder Bueno and the infamous Kinder Surprise, here in the United States. I spotted this Kinder Country in a local store and decided to give it a […]

Candy Review: Kinder Surprise Egg

I used to love Cracker Jacks. Actually, let me clarify – I loved the prizes and the peanuts (which were too scarce, if you ask me), but the caramel corn? Not so much. Really, what’s not to love about a sweet treat accompanied by a little surprise? Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered the […]