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Candy Treasure Hunt

This is the first step on the Candy Treasure Hunt. Here’s how it works….. You will have a question to answer and a website/webpage to visit to get the answer. When you have the answer, you will put the answer at the end of this url: All answers will be lowercase when you use […]

All Candy Expo Day 1 – Brian

Wow – day one of the All Candy Expo is over and that was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was simply crazy. The place was HUGE – every candy company I have ever heard of (and tons that I hadn’t) were there. Amazing. We’ll be writing about and reviewing […]

Friday Fun: Narbles Drop

Continuing with our “free web-based (Flash/Java) game whose theme is candy every Friday” theme, today we bring you Narbles Drop. Narbles are a fruity candy from Ferrara Pan that are round like marbles (get it? – Narbles? Marbles?). Narbles Drop is a fun little puzzle game. Swap adjacent Narbles to create 3 or more adjacent […]

Candy Review: Chewy Atomic Fireballs

I have a special place in my heart tastebuds for Atomic Fireballs. When I was a kid I would buy them by the box (160 in a box for $3.20). So, when I saw the new Chewy Atomic Fireballs at the All Candy Expo, I nearly did a backflip. Could chewy Fireballs be as good […]

Warm up with Red Hots cider this fall

Nothing screams autumn like a steaming cup of sweet, spicy cider on a crisp, chilly evening. Luckily for Candy Addicts, there’s a way for you to get both a cider fix and a candy fix at the same time with Red Hots cider. You don’t even need to measure anything. Photo by djking Here’s how […]